luggage-transfer.com delivers the baggage throughout Europe?
No, we take care of your luggage only in The Netherlands and Belgium.

There is also picked up and deliver on the weekends or on public holidays?
Yes, luggage-transfer.com is 24/7 available for you. So also in the weekend present to pick up and drop of, and to coordinate the deliveries. 

Delivery at B & B accommodations?
No, there is usually no one there on the addresses from where, and. This makes great logistical problems with the economic routes and pick-up/delivery times.
However when you want it. We charge per Pick-up/Drop-off  €10.00 extra.

We can also send bikes except luggage?
Yes, we provide on the known routes.

Is there a maximum weight to my luggage/suitcase?
Yes, max. 20 Kgs. per item.

We can also send medical special needs, wheelchair, crutches, oxygen cylinder or chilled products (insulin etc.).
Yes, no problem! specify clearly in advance what your wish is, this we transport free of charge. Your medical equipment transfer is free of charge.

Cases and bags may be bound to each other?
No, bags should not be tied together, each pieces of luggage must be offered separately.

Where to find the exact delivery place?
luggage-transfer.com works from the reception area or lobby until the next reception or lobby.

Do i have to wait  for the driver to hand over the luggage?
No, you have to leave the luggage at the hotel reception and report that this will be picked up by a courier.

Is an exact pick-up or delivery time of my luggage to book? (Precise Pick Up)
Yes, the driver of luggage-transfer.com is exactly available at the appointed time to take over your luggage. (Extra fee of €45, per Precise Pick Up.)

Are there ever delays in delivery? 
Yes, unfortunately we're no wizards
We are regularly stuck in the Dutch traffic. However we call the hotel reception with a ETA of our driver.
The latest delivery time is 17:00 (05:00 pm).
NOTE: Hotels always be informed when there is a delay in your luggage transfer.

I already have luggage transport in luggage-transfer.com, can I still cancel transfers?
Yes you can, keep in mind the following: 

Standard cancellation costs
If a contract is cancelled, luggage-transfer.com brings the traveler next to the required reservation f
ees the following cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation until the 21st day (exclusive) before the day of departure: deposit
  • cancellation from the 21st day (inclusive) until the 14th day (exclusive) before the departure: 50% of the full amount
  • cancellation from the 14th day (inclusive) until the 5th day (exclusive) before the departure: 75% of the full amount
  • cancellation from the 5th day (inclusive) to the departure: 90% of the full amount
  • Cancellation on the day of departure or later: the full amount

Full Payment
The total amount due must be in our possession 6 weeks before the start of your cycling holiday. The deposit is 15% of the total amount (minimum €100,-) and is due no later than ten days after receipt of our booking confirmation.

Damage to your baggage
luggage-transfer.com. moves your luggage like eggs. With normal use, scratches, dents or other minor damage of your luggage can occure. For this, we are not responsible. For large damages you can file a claim with your travel and/or luggage insurance.